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Preparing Your Property For Rent

JAT Property Management LLC - Monday, May 30, 2022

When you are ready to put your property on the market for rent, here are some guidelines which will make the transition smooth when the tenant(s) leases the property.  

All tenants receive a “move in” check in list to check the condition of the property inside and outside upon move in.  The “move in” check in list is used to determine once the tenant move out of any additional damages or cleaning beyond “wear and tear.”  The tenant(s) are responsible for most of these items when they move out.

  1. Thorough cleaning inside the property.
  2. All appliances are cleaned inside and outside.
  3. Replace Air conditioning filter.
  4. Fire extinguisher is in the kitchen or accessible area.
  5. All smoke detectors are working, and batteries changed.
  6. All necessary keys, garage remotes and amenities keys (if any) given to the Property Manager.
  7. Owner has property insurance coverage for rental property.
  8. Carpets are professionally cleaned.
  9. All light fixtures working, and light bulbs changed.
  10. Lawn is cut and sprinkler timers set.
  11. Ceiling fans and windowsills cleaned.
  12. All windows are in working order with screen and the windows open and close and has locks.
  13. Walls are painted and/or touched up.
  14. All plumbing fixtures are working and no leaks.
  15. Caulk all holes and paint.
  16. Power and water are on.  Property management company can take are of this as well and invoice to the owner.  Tenants will have to turn on utilities under their name when occupying the property.
  17. Hot water heater working.
  18. Identify main water shut off valve.  In the unforeseen event a major water leak occurs at the property.

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